The “Project Мethod” as an effective interactive technology in teaching master’s degree students of chemical specialties


  • A. R. Asgarova Baku State University
  • Y. I. Jafarov Baku State University


The study presents a methodology for conducting practical classes in the discipline "Synthesis of drugs" for master’s degree students of the Faculty of Chemistry of Baku State University using the interactive technology "Project Method". As known, this method is most successful in practical classes, because of unlimited information exchange between tutor and students [1]. Considering that the main goal of teaching this discipline is both to convey to the students the basic laws of the synthesis of drugs, the mechanisms of their effect on the human body, the ways of modifying them by involving various functional groups, the strategy for creating drugs in modern medicine, and the formation of students' skills in writing scientific papers, reports on activities, as well as, most importantly, the ability to work independently with international databases of bibliographic citations of multidisciplinary areas, such as Web of Science, it was proposed to use the “Project Method” instead of traditional forms of learning.


Nadezhda O. Yakovleva, Evgeny V. Yakovlev, Interactive teaching methods in contemporary higher education, Pacific Science Review, 2014, 16, 75-80






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