Creative activity in learning of electrolysis in secondary school


  • A. R. Asgarova Baku State University
  • Y. I. Jafarov Baku State University
  • Kh. A. Asadov Baku State University


Teachers know that understanding of abstract scientific conceptions, such as electrolysis is problematic for secondary school pupils. Main difficulties are due to products obtained at electrodes, redox reactions, mechanism of electrolysis and its’ application, paying less attention, low motivation to learning etc. [1]. Modern teachers provide formation the supportive learning environment where students are keen to learn, gain multiple ways to teach using innovative programs, help increase students’ spatial abilities, with the most popular being model kits, strive to generate interest and motivation, to develop a commitment to learning [2].


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Ryabchenko Svitlana, Professional Teacher’s Competence In The Modern Educational Environment, Interdisciplinary Studies Of Complex Systems, 2020, 17, 102-113, DOI 10.31392/iscs.2020.17.102






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