Study of corrosion forms on metal surfaces at combustion of coal with high salt content


  • А. I. Fateyev Thermal Energy Technologies Institute of NAS of Ukraine
  • Т. G. Shendrik L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical-Organic and Coal Chemistry NAS of Ukraine


The main source of the formation of deposits (slagging) on the heating surfaces is sulfates of alkaline, alkali-earth metals and iron, and the main cause of under-deposit corrosion of metal surfaces is chlorine compounds, primarily hydrogen chloride. The complexity of the processes of slagging and corrosion, which occur when using various fuel raw materials, determine the need for detailed study of each type of fuel, especially one with an increased content of salts (Na2O in ash ≥2 %).


T. Shendrik, N. Dunayevska, A. Tsaryuk, V. Yelahin, A. Fateyev. Experimental development of approaches to reduce the slagging and corrosive activity of salty coal // Eastern European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2020. No 6. P. 124–133.






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